Monday, August 27, 2012

Trainers and Trainees!!!!

Elder Allred with his trainer Elder Uptain

Elder Cannon with his trainer Elder Hodgeson

Elder Brown with his Trainer Elder "Master" Meitler

Elder Gustafson with his trainer Elder Cluff

Elder Dombrowski with his trainer Elder Riggs

Elder Tang with his trainer Elder Rowley

Elder Felt with his trainer Elder George

Sister Stones with her trainer Sister Rozsa

Hermana Williams with her trainer Hermana Thompson

The Trainers

Hermana Cazier with her trainer Hermana Ahokava

Sister Männchen with her trainer Sister Ferrin

Elder Lifferth with his trainer Elder Ochoa

Elder Parker with his Trainee Elder Day

Friday, August 17, 2012

Elders Serving in Mt. Vernon Gather Before Transfers

Back Row: Elder Holfeltz, Gronning, Kessler, and Frazer
Middle: Elder Paswaters, Heiner, and George
Bottom: Elder Dickson

Elder Gronning, Frazer, and Kessler with a family in their ward

Elder Kessler agrees! (With what, I have know idea!)

Elder Dickson, Kessler, Frazer, and Gronning

Elder Kessler won't let Elder Dickson leave!

Elder George, Frazer, and Paswaters

Wait... Are we supposed to smile?

Frazer bends his legs to fit into the picture


Gathering for the group picture

Elder Brown targeting Elder Parker!

Back Row: President Riggs, Elder Gustafson, Brown, Allred, Dombrowski, and Hermana Williams
Middle Row: Sister Riggs, Sister Stones, Hermana Cazier, and Sister Mennchen
Front Row: Elder Felt, Lifferth, Cannon, Tang, and Day

Elder Allred 

Hermana Williams

Sister Mannchen

Elder Cannon

Elder Brown

Sister Stones

Hermana Cazier

Elder Felt

Elder Lifferth

Elder Tang

Elder Dombrowski

Elder Gustafson

Elder Day