Monday, August 6, 2012

Ashburn Zone Barbecue at Mission Home

Sisters Riggs, Olson, and Feng.

Elder Aland is enthusiastic!

Takin' it easy...

Elder Olson taking advantage of relaxation time!

Volleyball Fun.

Someone get it!

Sister Smith has got this!

Serving it up, yo.

Will he get it?

Elder McGoffin




Elder Ravia hones in on the ball.

Elder Carnline, a skyscraper of a man!

This is how it's done!!

Elder Barney takes matters into his own hands!

The wrath of Brady!

Elder Cluff prepares to bring the heat.

Elder Cluff is pleased with his earth-shattering serve.

Just serve it already guys...

A dainty serve from Elder Carnline.

Elder Hodgson is ready to leap!

Ah yeah, take that!

Did I break someone's face?!

Sister Smith is highly amused!

What is going on here?

Karate Chop!

You're mine, ball.

Talkin' smack.

Yikes! Who's getting it?

The Dream Team.

Such competition!

We're way, way too cool to play Volleyball...

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