Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Conference

Elder Ochoa

Elder Wilson

Elder Ravia

Elder Gates

Sister Borland

Elder Macfarlane

The Comedian of the night

Yes, he was that funny!

Christmas hymns to the beat!

Sister Rosa as a camel... see the hump?

The master artist

Elder Stone

Elder Hanson


He sees you when you're sleeping!

Elder DeHaan

President Erickson and his banjo

Our Fearless Leader

Our Senior Couples... where would we be with out you?

And of course they merit a standing ovation!

Samuel the Lamanite preaches the coming of Christ

Find me mom!


  1. Would love to see updates and more current pictures :) Do you have a page on Facebook for the Washington DC South Mission?

  2. I served in the DC South Mission from Feb 06 to Feb 08. It was fun to see those pictures. It brought back good memories and I could remember the Christmas Conferences we had. Thanks for sharing that!